Conversation candy hearts for Valentine’s day! I took a typical message “cutie pie” and made a geeky version. In lieu of sumi ink, I used watercolor pencils for the outlines, and for the lettering. The lettering on candy hearts is always a block-printed red.

My crazy alien ant hanko/stamp fits the mood of this card, I think.

Now, if only I had time to make these “Conversation Heart Mendiants” to go with the Valentines. The recipe, from Baking Bites, has advice on how to avoid letting the chocolate “bloom.” Apparently that’s bad thing, although it sounds good. The recipe does have a time-saving alternative, to not temper the chocolate, noting that it “should be stored in the fridge (to minimize bloom) and eaten quickly.”  I think that wouldn’t be a problem.


For pun inspiration for Valentine’s Day cards, I found this page from C.R.A.F.T (creating really awesome free things) to be very helpful.