carrot top


This is a little thank you card to a friend who had over for a generous dinner of okonomiyaki. We brought some beer and gelato, another friend brought sake, but the okonomiyaki was the star! It’s a fun dish to share with friends, is made of healthy ingredients such as cabbage, bean sprouts, pickled ginger, and kimchi.

This card is of a carrot top — I used to put pickled carrots in my okonomiyaki. The style is what I consider to be very traditional etegami. The characters, 命の洗濯 (inochi no sentaku), are a Japanese proverb that literally means “life’s laundry.” Its figurative meaning is “to wash the dust off of life,” or to be refreshed.

I drew it holding the sumi brush using the correct posture, with my elbow out and my brush perpendicular to the paper, and I drew very very slowly. When you draw the sumi lines slowly you get a lot of wobbly lines, some misplaced blobs, and sometimes your brush jumps places. Also, you feel every breath and the pumping of your heart, it really makes you feel the physicality of your effort.

I must admit I don’t always draw using this posture, but I like the wobbly, abstract results.