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February mikan

The fruit at the market is looking very pathetic. Wrinkled, parched, wretched. Even the tangerines (mikan in Japanese, “cuties” in recent parlance in the US) are pale cousins of the wonderful treats that… Continue reading

A Peck of Painted Peppers

What’s the children’s tongue twister: ¬†Peter piper picked a peck of *painted* peppers? Something like that.

Freckled Green Azalea

Flowers of DC Spring, episode 2: Azalea Collection, National Arboretum, Washington DC. Here’s an etegami of an unusual azalea I found in their lovely collection on 4/27/13. I used a bamboo reed pen… Continue reading

a stork collage

Sometimes I like my practice drawings so much I can’t scrap them. But in the meantime I’ve drawn and painted and scribbled and dripped ink all around them. I usually cut out the… Continue reading

it’s not the cherries everywhere in bloom

Spring in DC… yes, everyone gets excited about the cherry blossoms, and yes, they are lovely. So lovely that when we went out to the Mall this past Sunday, we found ourselves fighting… Continue reading

Spring slouches from winter’s nest

I did a series of etegami watercolor cards and various versions of a spring haiku, all inspired by of my friend Angela’s photo a white stork, which is currently featured in the DCist… Continue reading

Late february winds blew; birds queued

Forgot to post this in February when I wrote the haiku and drew this etegami. Today’s balmy 60 degree weather, calm skies, feel a long way from late February.

Spaghetti Western

A silly little haiku for one of the early prompts, “pasta”, for NaHaiWriMo. There’s a story behind the haiku — it involves me as a kid, a strainer, and a rocking horse. There… Continue reading

Eggs and NaHaiWriMo

February, the shortest month, is, appropriately enough, National Haiku Writing Month. I’m trying my best to participate via the Facebook page, and featuring some on etegami too. February 2 prompt:¬† Eggs. Beautiful. Hardy.… Continue reading