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My Inbox: Sakura and a Crane from Fumiko in Japan

Lovely spring greetings from Fumiko in Japan — a card with the word “sakura,” or cherry blossom, on it, along with a folded origami crane. Advertisements

My Inbox: Yet More New Year Cards!

On the left, from Ina of Lithuana On the right, from Kasia of Poland Kasia enclosed a lovey laminated leaf, cut into a heart. I’d wondered last fall if that would preserve autumn… Continue reading

My Inbox: a Valentine from Debbie in Sapporo

Super cute Valentine from Debbie in Sapporo, Japan — “You are the wind in my sails” Love the cancelled “LOVE” stamp she used to adorn it.

My Inbox: more Happy New Year Cards!

Just a few more new years’ cards Thanks to Marie Francoise, Shay, Carol, Hideko, Lisa, and Mary!

My Inbox: a seascape from Marie-Francoise

An elegant, calm etegami from Marie-Francoise! Merci!

My inbox: Holiday Bounty!

My mailbox has been overflowing this December, and I’ve gotten quite behind in posting what I’ve received. Here is a longish post recording the etegami, and other arts, I have received from many… Continue reading

My Inbox: Gingko leaf from Shungo

I received this etegami of a gingko leaf from Shungo, in Yokohama, over a month ago. Again, things have really gotten away from me the past couple of months! I hope to be… Continue reading

My inbox: coffee from Linda

I’m behind in numerous things:  reading, work, painting. And especially posting etegami I’ve received. This cute card came about a month ago, from Linda in St Louis,  sent in response to a similarly… Continue reading

My inbox: Shunbun (equinox) by Carol

An elegant black and white etegami from Carol in California…. received over a month ago, before the equinox.

Carol writes that she used to do politics for a living, and that it’s nice to see _something_ in balance.

Very true… written from week three of the government shutdown. Luckily my job isn’t affected, but my husband’s is.

Maybe this week will see resolution.

My Inbox: pumpkin and sunflower from Tatsuaki

Today I feature two lovely etegami I got from Tatsuaki in Japan. I love his traditional etegami style — I try to emulate his use of while spaces. Now, with these two, I… Continue reading