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There’s a bit of magic in everything

  I finally have gotten back to etegami these past couple of weeks. The trees have been obliging with lots of inspiring foliage, and I’ve been able to get out to do some… Continue reading

Ducks… living the dream

More ducks! This series of duck etegami started in my brain when someone I know on Facebook said he was walking home, saw some ducks just doing their thing, walking along the road,… Continue reading

Mulberry leaf

“All the trees of the field will clap their hands” — song title from Sufjan Stevens. My husband overcame his fear of heights to climb on the roof and trim back the mulberry… Continue reading

Moths kaleidoscoping, and a note on Swamplandia!

I don’t buy many books. I’m a librarian. I patronize my public libraries (and thankful that Washington, DC, has excellent ones, especially my local one Watha T Daniel-Shaw!). And I like audiobooks for… Continue reading


a couple of etegami interpretations of a Japanese poem. the first is an attempt to be more literal… with a drift of snow at the bottom of the tree. the second is more… Continue reading

black beauty stick insect

I found this incredible insect on pinterest, see here. It’s a black beauty stick insect, with red vestigial wings, found in Peru. I think I’ll probably revisit this subject — I’m thinking some… Continue reading

3 Economical Birds — Before and After

A family of some unknown birds by an unknown photographer (see models here; if you know the birds or the photographer, let me know!). The quotation is from a letter by Emily Dickinson… Continue reading


Recently I bought an ink pen professing to be “waterproof”:  the Akashiya New Brush Pen — Super Fine — Black (Waterproof ink). “Waterproof ink” is right there in the title of the product.… Continue reading

Autumn leaves a handful of etegami

This first etegami, of a maple leaf, with poetry from Shoutetsu (正徹), was mailed to Gail for a (late! sorry!) birthday..  Poem is titled “Grass roots”, and the words translate to:  “I hear… Continue reading

Spice bouquet

A bouquet of spice, beautiful and delicious.  The Japanese reads, “Thank you for the bouquet of spices!”