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Peanuts and Coke and Whiskey

Everyone knows chocolate and peanuts are magical together. People in the US South think coke and peanuts are pretty special together too. Add whiskey:  sublime. This etegami is a cocktail recipe for the… Continue reading


Rounding out my week of veggies with a daikon.  What’s a daikon, you ask? Only the most wonderful, sorta spicy, large radish in existence! I bought a daikon to make a daikon/carrot pickle… Continue reading

Heart beets

Inspired by this delicious recipe for laboo va mast, or Persian beet and yogurt, from Fig and Quince, I bought a bunch of beets over the weekend. Before I started cooking, I used… Continue reading

Red Currants from Bloomingdale Farmer’s Market

Red currants, from the Sunday morning Bloomingdale Farmer’s Market in our neighborhood Just what I’ve been searching for–I have had a recipe for red currant/pomegranate syrup meatballs that I’ve wanted to try for… Continue reading


Artichokes have been on my mind. Maybe because here on the east coast they are so hard to get fresh. Maybe I’ve been thinking about how my mom would boil them and we’d… Continue reading


Recently I bought an ink pen professing to be “waterproof”:  the Akashiya New Brush Pen — Super Fine — Black (Waterproof ink). “Waterproof ink” is right there in the title of the product.… Continue reading

Pickled, Pink

  Etegami of a bunch of Easter radishes, painted for LW for her birthday (as ever, late again). On the backside of the card I’ve recorded a recipe for ume-pickled radishes, which turn… Continue reading

Bloody Martini Recipe

Saturday night’s menu: Smoked paprika fish I used mahi mahi instead of swordfish, and I would recommend half as much pinenuts, and perhaps a sucosh more smoked paprika. Make sure you get smoked… Continue reading

What to do with all this mint?

This is a perfect recipe for anyone with bunches and bunches of mint growing in the yard. The recipe I use is Mint Lime Cucumber Agua Fresca, from Elise of Simply Recipes —… Continue reading